It started in 2006 at Munamba Baptist Church with 57 people and took 5 days. It was headed by Rose Ekitwi as the organizer and the facilitators were Lawrence Mauka and Henry Sserwadda. Rose came to train and implement functional Adult Literacy.

Topics covered were;

Functional Adult literacy


Community mobilization



Community transformation

 During the training, 32 groups were formed. Out of 22 groups there came out 32 active groups. Books were handed to them, namely;

Magezi Bugagga book I

Magezi Bugagga book II follows up.

 Among the 22 groups the total number of trainees 381, 282 women and 99 men. Those who were awarded certificates were 300. The significant achievements from these lessons were:-


The community is now aware of planting trees to conserve and protect the environment. The instructors were later introduced to a two year course from 18/08/2010 to 10/5/2013.

The course contents were as follows:-

Introduction to suitable agriculture Organic farming, Conservation farming

Agro forestry farming; S.S.F small scale farming; Livestock

I.P.M integrated pest management; The teacher was Pr. Paul Kyalimpa.


There is a revolving goat project going on. So far now they are 10 in number. There is also a rotating savings and credit scheme. We have been given fruit trees and environmental protection trees and they are doing well.


Banana planting in modern ways using organic manure.

Keeping of animals and poultry

They were trained and developed a saving culture

Tree planting, fruit trees and vegetables

Practicing crop rotation

Food storage

Hot culture


Hygiene – improved in our homes

Sanitation, water tanks were constructed and people are living in a good environment.

Nutrition- people are feeding on balanced diets.

Immunization – people are now aware of the killer diseases.

Family planning – people have been sensitized how to have a manageable family.

Aid – people are aware of the Aids scourage.


A bad behavior causes diseases.

Good relationships in marriage

Lack of cooperation is dangerous

Corruptions stalls development

Charge of cultural heritage

Orphans need to be helped.

Peace talks are better than war


The communities develop a transformation of a saving culture from traditional to modern. Now the people save and get loans to ease their daily activities.

The communities develop a transformation of a saving culture from traditional to modern.